Photography at 577

The 577 Foundation is a unique and beautiful location for photography. We are delighted that you are considering the gardens and grounds as the backdrop for your memories. Photographs captured “in-the-moment” are some of our favorites and are always encouraged. We hope folks find those special moments during their visits. But we also recognize there are pivotal events in life that folks want to mark, such as prom, weddings, graduation, maternity, and more. 577 has special meaning to them and/or they want a beautiful backdrop for these special events. Our Photography and Videography Guidelines outlined below are designed to ensure all visitors ~ those who are taking photos and those who are not ~ have a positive experience during their visit.

Life Event Photography at 577

Life Event Photography Sessions are now available during the day and in the evening, subject to availability. A permit/reservation is required for all Life Event, Portrait, or Session photography. This is a requirement even if your photographer is NOT a professional. 

Permits are available in the Welcome Center & Curiosity Shop from 10am to 4pm, Monday – Saturday. Interested in a Golden Hour Photography Session (after hours session) or a Sunday session, please contact us for more information.

Are you unsure if you need a photgraphy permit? Below are definitions and guidelines regarding photography at 577, including photography session definitions and booking information. 

For more information or if you have additional questions? Give us a call (419) 874-4174 or email us at

Photography Session Definitions



577 defines Life Event, Portrait, or Session photography as all wedding, engagement, proposal, maternity, quinceañera, family, portfolio, prom, homecoming, graduation, and any other posed portraiture of individuals by professional photographers, as well as semi-pro or amateur photographers, whether the photographer is being paid or not.

If the intent or main purpose of your visit to 577 is photography, rather than a visit in nature, then you are engaging in life, portrait, or session photography.

577 is not a public park; it is a privately funded nonprofit with limited means and a small staff. All photographers and groups are expected to uphold the guidelines and policies. 577 reserves the right to further define life event/portrait/session photography on a case-by-case basis.


Photographs are a wonderful way for visitors to remember their 577 experience. We encourage visitors to take casual photographs or videos via cell phones or digital cameras. These in-the-moment photographs of plants, individuals, and subjects capture the events of your visit. These are informal photographs shot spontaneously and quickly. They are intended for personal use, including social media posts.

A permit, reservation, or fee is NOT REQUIRED for In-The-Moment or Snapshot Photography. 


577 does not permit the use of its name and image for commercial purposes without prior approval. Arrangements to film, record, photograph, or create artistic renderings or displays must be made at least 30 days in advance of the proposed date.

To submit a request, please email

Drones are not permitted.

Book a Photography Session

Daytime Life Event Photography Sessions
Golden Hour Photography Sessions
Photography Guidelines

Daytime Photography Session

A permit and/or reservation is required for all Life Event, Portrait, or Session Photography.

Permits and reservations are subject to availability; the number of reservations permitted for each day is limited. Reservations can be made in advance or permits can be purchased during open hours in the Welcome Center and Curiosity Shop. 

All permit fees help to maintain the beautification of the gardens.

Daytime Photography Session Fees

  • Group Size: 1 to 3 people / One Hour = $20
  • Group Size: 4 to 6 people / One Hour = $30
  • Group Size: 7 to 8 people / One Hour = $40

Walk-in Day Permits Guidelines

  • Permits are per hour and available for purchase in the Welcome Center and Curiosity Shop, Monday through Saturday beginning at 10am, last session available begins at 4pm. Walk-in permits are not available on Sundays.
  • Permits are booked every hour, valid for 1 (one) hour from the time of arrival. Multiple hours are available for purchase. 
  • Daytime group size is limited to 8 people. Your photographer does not count toward your group size.
  • Permits are limited to up to two (2) groups each hour, and sold first-come, first-served. 
  • Walk-in Day permits are limited to photography on the grounds only.
  • Photography in any building is by permission only, and is only available by advance registration.

Advance Reservations: Reservations can be booked in advance by email at, or by phone at (419) 874-4174. Advanced sessions can be booked for Mondays through Saturdays, 9am to 4pm, and require at least 72 hour notice. Sunday sessions are limited and only available if booked in advance. Cancellations made with less than 72 hour’s notice are nonrefundable. If a photo shoot is cancelled due to inclement weather, an alternate date may be arranged. Rescheduling must be agreed upon prior to the new shoot date.

Photographers/Groups found on the grounds without a permit during the day (Monday – Saturday) will be asked to purchase (if available) a permit in the Welcome Center. Groups found after hours or on Sundays without prior approval will be instructed to schedule a session for a future date and leave the grounds.

Nearby publicly-funded parks that may be used instead:

  • Woodlands Park: 429 East Boundary St., Perrysburg
  • Riverside Park: 245 West Front St., Perrysburg
  • Davis Overlook: 28289 West River Rd., Perrysburg
  • W.W. Knight Nature Preserve: 29530 White Rd., Perrysburg
  • Side Cut Metropark: 1025 W River Rd, Maumee
  • Toledo Botanical Garden: 5403 Elmer Dr, Toledo

Golden Hour Photography Session

Golden Hour Photography at 577 is photography that happens after the gardens and grounds have closed for the day. Depending on the time of year, sessions can be booked during that magical time of day when the golden glow of the setting sun can be captured.

Golden Hour sessions must be reserved at least 7 (seven) business days in advance. Reservations are available as 60-, 90-, or 120-minute sessions. Reservations are subject to availability. Weekend sessions have limited availability. *Groups that go past their permit time will be charged for the additional time.

Reservations can be booked in advance by email at, or by phone at (419) 874-4174.

All photography session fees help to maintain the beautification of the gardens. Thank you!

Session Options

Option A: Gardens only, group size of 10 or less (plus photographer and assistant).

  • 60 minutes: $60
  • 90 minutes: $90
  • 120 Minutes: $120

Option B: Gardens only, group size of 11 to 20 (plus photographer and assistant):

  • 60 minutes: $75
  • 90 minutes: $115
  • 120 Minutes: $150

Option C: Gardens & One Building (Geodesic Biodome or Log House), group size of 12 or less (plus photographer and assistant):

  • 60 minutes: $85
  • 90 minutes: $125
  • 120 Minutes: $165

Option D: Gardens & Both Buildings (Geodesic Biodome and Log House), group size of 12 or less (plus photographer and assistant):

  • 60 minutes: $100
  • 90 minutes: $140
  • 120 Minutes: $180

Option E: Contact us for details, require preapproval

  • Group size of 21 or more
  • Photographers interested in mini-sessions
  • Add-on ceremonies including gender reveals, weddings, memorials

Photography Session Guidelines

577 is not a public park; it is a privately funded nonprofit with limited means and a small staff. All photographers and groups are expected to uphold the guidelines and policies. On the day of your session, please maintain the integrity of 577 by honoring these guidelines:

  • All groups should arrive camera-ready, as there are no dressing room facilities. Bathrooms may not be used to change outfits during the reservation. All photo subjects must be fully and appropriately clothed. 
  • Groups are responsible for bringing a photographer. 577 does not provide photographers.
  • Groups must set up their shoot in a manner that does not impact staff, volunteers, gardeners, or students who are using the grounds for 577’s primary mission: classes, events, garden maintenance, or the like.
  • Please be advised that some areas of 577 may not be accessible or available due to restoration, programs, event rentals, or unforeseen circumstances. 577 will provide notice as soon as possible if this were to occur.
  • Photo sessions are not permitted in the Geodesic Biodome or Log Home without preapproval. Other building interior spaces including the Cottage, Pottery Studio, Welcome Center & Curiosity Shop, and Virginia’s House are not available for photophy sessions.
  • You must have prior approval to use props in your photos. Furniture, environmentally unfriendly materials that may harm wildlife, or any unusual props that may be loud, dangerous, or disruptive to other visitors, are strictly prohibited. Balloons, glitter, confetti, rice, kites, flying lanterns, or any other materials that leave waste or residue are strictly prohibited.
  • Take only photos, leave only footprints. Moving or removing potted plants or structures —such as benches, containers, displays, plant signs, fences, etc.—is strictly prohibited. Do not pick or harm plants or wildlife.
  • No photographers, assistants, or subjects may step in plant beds, fountains, ponds, or places other than on designated paths. Climbing or mounting equipment in trees or on buildings or other structures is not permitted. Tripods must also stay on paths or on the lawn, do not place them in garden beds.
  • Do not place equipment or subjects where they will block pathways or restrict visitor access. All cords or wires must be placed and guarded in a way that doesn’t alter the pathways or put 577 staff, volunteers, or visitors at risk. Any use of electrical equipment, including additional lighting, must be approved in advance of the shoot.
  • Groups with a reservation should check in at the Welcome Center at their designated start time. There are no refunds for late arrivals. No adjustments to session times will be made due to late arrivals on the day of the reservation.
  • Please keep the confirmation email or payment receipt (as proof of payment), the group’s personal items, and equipment with you at all times. If proof of purchase is not available or there is not a confirmed reservation request, your group may be asked to leave the property.
  • 577 is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced property/items. Items left at 577 after the agreed-upon departure time may be disposed of by 577 Staff, including any props left behind. Please call as soon as possible to report missing items. Access will be granted the following day to retrieve items with prior permission.
  • Drone photography is prohibited in order to ensure 577 staff, volunteer, and visitors’ safety and privacy.
  • Vehicles may not be left in 577 parking lots past agreed-upon rental time.

577 reserves the right to halt any photography sessions deemed to be disruptive. The photography session guidelines must be followed in addition to the general visitor guidelines. 577 reserves the right to adjust these policies at any time, with or without notice, in the best interest of 577’s mission and the community.

While these sessions occur outdoors after 577’s closing time, these spaces are always shared. Community gardeners, independent pottery students, class participants, staff, and volunteers have permission to be at 577 after 5:00 p.m. They may be present during your session.

Artists may enter their 577 images in photography competitions, but any sales of images may be restricted. The imagery, logo and name of The 577 Foundation are registered trademarks and may not be used by outside parties without permission. If you plan to sell your work, please email for details.

News media and videography requests only, please email

Have additional questions? Contact the Assistant Director of Education and Outreach Danielle Marino at, or by phone at 419-874-4174.

Join us for Music in the Gardens on Saturday, August 10, from 11am to 3pm. Events are free, family-friendly, and rain or shine.